Metalik Industrial partition

Get industrial-strength quality and efficiency.

Metalik was designed to meet the specific needs of industrial environments. Its frame is assembled from extruded aluminum profiles and laminated aluminium panels, for increased impact resistance and high acoustic performance.

It’s quick to install and flexible to use, making it the ideal solution for industrial applications such as creating closed offices within plants, pharmaceutical environments and laboratories.

Very tight seal.
Impact resistance
Use of aluminium or steel laminated panels.
Quick and easy reuse of most components.
Can incorporate double, tempered, laminated or acoustic glazing.

Side view
integration examples

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Metalik 2
Metalik 3
Suspended ceiling

It is possible to insert a suspended ceiling.

Double glazing

With Metalik 3, it is possible to use a double glazing to improved the acoustical performance of the partition.

Steel panels

Use of aluminium or steel panels with high impact resistance.

Other technical specifications


Mounted on extruded aluminum profiles with acoustical seals, centered, off-centered, or double-glazed.

Chemical resistant and high-impact panel options are available.

Overall thicknesses of the partitions

Thickness – 89 MM (3 12“)

Ceiling track – 45 MM (1 34“)

Floor track – 45 MM (1 34“)

Muntins – Various sizes available


Standard 3,000 MM (10′) max ceiling height.

Custom ceiling heights are available with horizontal reinforcements.  Please contact innovo engineering.


vertical orientation – 1,500 MM (60″) max.

horizontal orientation – 3,000 MM (10′) max.

depending on the type of chosen finish.

Standard width

No standard widths.  All panels are customizable to 116” increments.

Frame finishes

Standard anodized or powder coat finishes available.

Custom finishes available upon request.


All base building connections have a minimum of two acoustical seal interfaces.

All glass/aluminum interfaces incorporate acoustic seals.

All door frames come with acoustical seals.

Panel Types

full-height or clerestory glazed panel with tempered, laminated, or acoustic glazing.

Full-height or partial height solid panels c/w acoustic insulation.

Glass thickness

6 MM (14“), 8 MM (516“), 10 MM (38“) or 12 MM (12“).


Low-pressure laminate, high-pressure laminate, veneer, aluminum, steel, vinyl, fabric, plexiglass, or polycarbonate.

Panel thickness

6 MM (14“) to 50 MM (2”)

Acoustic insulation

Mineral wool

Type of doors

Wood, frameless glass door, single- or double-glazed configurable aluminum framed.

Door systems

Hinged, pivot or sliding.


Compatible with most types of North American and European hardware.

Power & Data

Preparation available up to ‘Plug and Play’ electrification.

Installation features
Available adjustments

Max ceiling variance – 22 MM (78“)

Max variance – 40 MM (1 58“)

Joint between glass panels

Double-sided tape or aluminum extrusion.

joint between solid panels

Exposed joint covers or concealed extrusions.


Single 10 MM (38“) Tempered Glass:
STC Rating of 34

Single 12 MM (12“) Tempered Glass:
STC Rating of 36

Double 6 (14“) and (516“) MM Tempered Glass:
STC Rating of 38

Double 10 (38“) MM Tempered Glass:
STC Rating of 42

Double 10 (38“) MM and 12 MM (12“) Acoustic Glass:
STC Rating of 45

Solid panels with acoustical insulation:
STC Rating of 45


10 years against any manufacturing defects.

2 years on rails and trolleys.

Standard third-party hardware manufacturers warranty.